Briefing of the Union Cynologie International e.V.  (UCI e.V.)

The UCI e.V. was registered, after it existed some years, at the 25.Februar 1978 in the register of associations in Bad Oeynhausen, under the number VR 457.

Some international associations has joined the UCI e.V. In each case one member per country.

The UCI e.V. coordinates and protects international shows for it´s  national associations.

The UCI e.V. regulates obligatorily the individual race standards and recognize after appropriate proofs new races on.

The UCI e.V. seized internationally recognized form- and achievement judges.

In our UCI e.V. it concerns primarily the pedigree dog and its improvement. This is to remain also in the future in such a way.

                                    Yours sincerly
Alois Ketteniß
                               President of the UCI e.V.