Statutes of the UCI

1 Name and Seat
The association has the name "Union Cynologie International (UCI) and has its headquarters in Bad Oeynhausen.
The association is the association of the district court Bad Oeynhausen entered.

2 Purpose of the Association
The association are to voluntary association of international Hundesport associations. To many associations of all dog breeds the opportunity to enter a cooperative relationship, the UCI for the task, cynologische events, Gebrauchshunde trials, exhibitions and breeding to organize.
The association pursues exclusively charitable purposes. The accumulation of an asset is expressly contrary to the duties of the UCI. The fiscal year is the calendar year.

3 Purchase of Membership
Any non-member International Association of Dogs, to the extent the statute, the breeding and exhibition of the UCI Rules recognize.
Membership must be requested in writing. In dismissing the case on which the Board decides, it can be without giving a reason to happen.
For the purposes of the foundation of the UCI and its entry in the association may be both legal entities and natural persons to join as founding members. The membership of the natural persons should be at the moment, in which seven clubs, as members are present, but not before the expiration of two years.
During this time, the natural persons as members of all resolutions and proxy votes, with one voice. (see 9)

4 Termination of Membership
The membership is terminated by withdrawal, exclusion or dissolution. The withdrawal may terminate only after prior to the end of a calendar year. The termination is at least three months before the end of the year by registered letter to the office of the UCI to judge. A member club or individual member may, by order of the Board be excluded

a) violation of the statute, the breeding and exhibition policy and the Animal Welfare Act,
b) for failure to comply with the contribution or otherwise of a liability to the fund of the UCI, if after notice, within four weeks of no payment is made,
c) or if an affiliated club or an individual member of the UCI's reputation through words, actions, damages or correspondence, as well as any community of the UCI harmful attitude or action.

Against the exclusion is within four weeks of an objection by registered letter to the Board permitted. About the opposition, the General Assembly. If this specifically on the opposition should be able to decide, a notice period of three months as appropriate. By excluding the contributions of the member is not affected.
5 Rights and obligations of associate members
Each affiliated club or any individual member has the right to attend all meetings and participate in events organized by the UCI. The number of affiliated clubs and individual members are committed to the purpose of association and association activity utmost to assist.

6 Membership fees
a) every member association has a membership fee to be paid, the amount of the annual general meeting is fixed.
b) For neuhinzugekommene clubs is the calculation of the membership fee according to quarterly intervals calculated.
c) The contributions are up to 31 January of each year to the fund to pay the UCI. For neuhinzugekommene clubs, the contribution due to the entrance, and must be within three weeks at the box office of the UCI received. If the premium is not paid on time, so rest all member rights.
7 Organs of the UCI
a) the Annual General Meeting
b) the Board, consisting of the President, the Vice-Presidents, the Assistant Vice-President, the Treasurer and the secretary. The election of the Board shall be made by the General Assembly for a term of four years. The Board remains up to the new and re-elected in office. When the vote within the Board will decide the vote of the president. Selectable for each Vorstandsamt at any chairman of the Assembly or participating delegates of the member clubs for the period after the founding association and the Assembly at the individuals participating as an association founder.
8 Executive Board
The association in and out of court by the President and the Vice-President. Both are ever to represent the company alone. In the internal relationship is that the Vice President only in the case preventing the President represents.

9 The General Meeting
The AGM is the supreme organ of the UCI.
The Annual General Meeting will be held in November each year. About every general meeting, a log kept by the President and in his absence by the Vice-President signed. The agenda is set by the board. The meeting will be determined by the Assembly. The invitation made to the voting members of clubs and individual members no later than four weeks before the Annual Meeting by written notice. The Annual General Meeting shall pass its decisions by simple majority vote. For the amendment is a two-thirds majority of those present, voting members. Entitled to vote, each member club due to his strength member with one vote for every one hundred members. However, a club member only up to 30% of the total votes of view that, without restriction from the members present would result.
The natural persons who are founding members with a voice vote (see Section 3). An extraordinary general meeting must be convened if 40% of all the affiliated clubs or individual members to convene, stating the reasons and purpose of request.

10 Dissolution and Liquidation
The dissolution of the UCI can only be through a specially convened general meeting by a majority of 90% of all present, voting members. In a resolution, the association existing assets only animal welfare associations fall.

Wiesbaden, 25 February 1978