At the members meeting, on 20th oct 2012 an new  steering committee was elected:
President Alois Ketteniss
Markusstr. 1

D - 52353 Dueren
Vice-President Werner Droste
Korthauser-Heide 97

D - 45770 Marl
1st Assisting Vice-President Lothar Engels
Paulstr. 117

D - 52353 Düren
Treasurer Karl-Heinz Claaßen
Ludwigstr. 30

D - 52353 Düren
Recording Clerk Inga Nellen
Schmiedestraße 1

D - 52353 Düren


Kennel Club USA new member of the UCI

We are pleased to welcome the Kennel Club USA as a new member of the UCI must be! For more information, please see the attached letter. (click here)


Mi-Ki breed in the U.S.Mi-Ki breed in the U.S.

We are aware that there is the Mi-Ki breed in the United States. We point out, however, that this race in Europe is not recognized by the UCI. Therefore, the UCI, no related INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS awarded in Europe, but authorized only for the USA.

This applies to all dogs that are not explicitly recognized internationally as a race.

Of regional associations recognized breeds that people have reported they can get in their respective countries as the highest rating the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, unless they are otherwise by the UCI eV were approved.

For the breed Mi-Ki the International Championship can be awarded in the U.S.A. by the  Kennel Club USA and BTCA.


The UCI e.V. Board


Breed standard of the
Biewer - terrier

On the UCI Association - General Meeting on 20.10.2007 was unanimously decided, to recognize the Biewer - terrier as a breed with immediate effect.

The application for recognition of the breed  "Biewer - terrier" has been submitted by the  the American Association, (joined the UCI e.V.),  International All Breed Canine Association ", (IABCA), 

The UCI e.V. has pursued for decades the development of the Biewer - terrier and has also collected relevant informations.

In the above UCI - General Meeting  the recognition of racial

Biewer - terrier 

has been done.

This will be approved with immediate effect on our UCI-protected  exhibits.


New Steering Committee!       (more)

Read the report of the meeting of our members!
(only in german language)



The Danish Confederation DHL is resigned from the UCI since 26.01.09.

The DHL is not allowed to use the UCI Emblem for its shows or for any advertisement.

The shows of the DHL has been deleted form our exhibition list.